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About AMEPAY (Website :

AMEPAY is a cryptocurrency-based payments alternative that is fast, convenient and secure. AMEPAY eliminates the complexity, high-costs, and delays that are familiar to the present system and replaces it with a simple, affordable, and quicker solution. It is a transparent and decentralized payments ecosystem which is projected to be the primary payment mode of the century


AMEPAY is on an expedition to innovate the digital payments landscape by assuming a consumer and business-centric approach. Our efforts will be powered by a blockchain-backed platform and dedicated cryptocurrency. This will offer our users a decentralized marketplace, where they can execute payments easily without compromising their security or incurring additional costs.


We have identified six spheres of growth in the existing digital payments ecosystem:

  • Simple crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat settlements
  • Accessible blockchain and cryptocurrency integration
  • Compact and versatile POS module
  • Inexpensive cross-border options
  • Tokenized loyalty program
  • Decentralized Ecommerce marketplace.

Our efforts in the coming years will be directed towards realizing the aforementioned opportunities.


Powering AMEPAY is a transparent and decentralized blockchain infrastructure that also doubles up as a reliable database to store and share transaction records. AMEPAY uses the Ethereum blockchain as well as the ERC-20 token protocol.

Blockchain technology will help meet a variety of data requirements and store them in a decentralized,transparent, and append-only format.

  • Storage of customer and merchant financial records
  • Storage of KYC details
  • Customer and merchant private data
  • Cross-border transaction details
  • Cryptocurrency and fiat currency data
  • Tokenization of assets

All of the above functions will be managed by smart contracts, which are programmable, self-executing protocols. This move will help automate operations on the platform and enhance overall productivity.


AMEPAY is brimming with advantages. The below table captures a few of the many benefits associated with the AMEPAY platform.


  1. Integration with existing businesses : AMEPAY, working along with AMEPOS jointly provide point-of-sale hardware and software solutions. Supplementary equipment such as POS devices, including scanners, swiping machines, etc., can be subscribed for at a nominal price. Integration with existing businesses 23 AMEPAY © 2020 Whitepaper 1.0 Businesses can also take advantage of supplementary offerings, including loyalty programs, data analytics, robust KYC processes, fraud detection, inventory management and more to enhance their experience while also delivering the best services to their customers.
  2. AMEPAY wallet : In cryptocurrency-based transactions, the wallet plays a very vital role. The AMEPAY wallet enables users to securely store the private and public keys to the cryptocurrency assets in addition to supporting popular fiat currencies. By utilizing the interactive dashboard, the user will be able to track their account balance, transactions, spending patterns, and other important analytics.
  3. Low Fees : Unlike other payment solutions providers that levy a very high fee on consolidated transactions, AMEPAY charges a very nominal and minimal fee of just 1% on every transaction! This enables merchants to retain control of a large share of their hard-earned profits.
  4. Data Analytics : With the long term growth of our merchant partners in mind, the AMEPAY suite arrives with a number of tools that help analyze transaction data and customer behavior. This helps merchants identify market trends as they emerge and abets them in changing their business strategy accordingly.
  5. Crypto-to-Fiat Transactions : AMEPAY, along with the AME token, empowers the merchant to participate in the expanding and highly promising cryptocurrency economy. By offering the ability to execute instant crypto-to-fiat transactions, AMEPAY reassures and further emboldens the merchant’s trust in cryptocurrencybased transactions. Additionally, by utilizing cryptocurrency, the merchant can execute cross-border transactions at a fraction of the prevailing costs.
  6. Inventory and Database Management : Another benefit derived by the merchant from the AMEPAY platform is the access to a versatile inventory and database management system. Backed by blockchain technology, AMEPAY’s inventory and database solutions provide the merchant with superior recordkeeping, immutable transaction records, and transparent data repository.
  7. Remittance : Individuals can make use of AMEPAY’s low-cost remittance. Users working overseas can send money back to their families in an inexpensive and secure manner. This enables them to preserve every penny of their hard-earned money.
  8. Rewards Program : AMEPAY boasts of an integrated rewards program. Wherein, every time the user settles a payment using the AME token at merchant stores, they are rewarded with assured cashback. This is a great way to accumulate AME tokens that can be then redeemed for a litany of goods or services.

AMEPAY is a Simple & Elegant Payments!!!

You can participate IEO and check more details from this website (




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