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Apollo GSX (GSX)

About Apollo GSX (Website :

Apollo Fintech has created a cryptocurrency within the Apollo Blockchain ecosystem. GSX will be an asset created on the Apollo blockchain. The main reason for choosing Apollo’s blockchain is that it has developed technical infrastructure and a list of features and possibilities that will be relevant to the maintenance of GSX coin. One of the main reasons for choosing blockchain as a foundation for a company’s own asset is that blockchain grants a possibility to have transparent operations due to its distributed nature.

Commissions for GSX transactions will be charged in APL, which goes on to support the Apollo infrastructure and directly influences the GSX ecosystem on which it operates.

The created crypto asset has a mechanism similar to a stable coin. In contrast to typical stable coins, GSX has a unique mechanism to increase its value due to the company’s investment in infrastructure, gold-rich land, and precious metals. For investors, this means that the value of the coin can never be lower than the value of the backing of GSX, which will continuously increase. GSX is an internal tool that was designed to provide all financial interactions within the company, including the payment of dividends to the holders of GSX. Possession of GSX means that the holder also owns the rights to the mining company, mine, refinery built, all equipment and the precious metal rich land. This asset will be audited by a geologist to support the company’s claims regarding its value. This audit will be available to the public.

After distribution, GSX can be sold on supported cryptocurrency exchanges and directly to Apollo Fintech under specific conditions. Thus, the company forms an affordable asset with a periodic increase in value due to an increase in the amount of gold the company owns and related to mining infrastructure, as well as a possible increase in the price of both gold and land in the market. All mentioned information builds motivation for investors to buy GSX early, as according to the model, the asset value of the coin can only increase through time.

Building the future of financial services

  1. Government Solutions : Our tailored government solutions have the capability to transform the way governments operate. Instances of violent crime, tax evasion, and fraud are just a few problems that can be instantly eradicated by implementing our cutting edge solutions. The fact that there can be little to no cost for governments to operate, and the potential to increase internal revenue by up to 1000%, its easy to see why Apollo Fintech is the new global standard of financial innovation. All solutions offer 100% database uptime, military grade security, and operates on the fastest network in the industry.
  2. commercial Products : The Apollo Fintech product line of commercial products offers significant benefits over traditional solutions in today’s market. Unmatched customer service accessibility, sustainability, military-grade, nuclear-proof security, and innovative monetization are just a few benefits that make Apollo Fintech’s commercial line of products the best solution for any small to large business.
  3. Consumer Products : From the Earth’s fastest, most feature-rich cryptocurrency to a nuclear-proof global exchange. Apollo Fintech’s growing number of consumer products are designed to not only compete with, but completely erase the need for competing systems. Apollo Fintech’s innovations are being designed to disrupt a large number of industries, providing options with increased security, speed and usability. All on an interconnected ecosystem offering unprecedented simplicity to the lives of its users.


  1. Backed : GSX is a stable coin backed by gold and land mineral rights and assets
  2. Dividends : GSX holders eligible for dividends yearly
  3. Trust Ownership : GSX holders are the trust beneficiaries of the mineral rights and assets
  4. Coin Burn : 50% of the 10 billion coin allotted for presale is not sold in CDE will be burned, value moves to surviving GSX
  5. Growth : Continual increase in asset value of land and gold backing GSX
  6. Redeemable : Our upcoming program will make GSX redeemable for actual gold.

Apollo GSX is the World’s First Stable Growth Coin

You can participate IEO and check more details from this website (



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