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BambooDeFi (BAMBOO)

About BambooDeFi (Website :

Nexxyo Labs is a software development company, based in Spain, which owns the development of Aurora ATMs, creator of OuterRing MMO, Experiencia360 and several diverse technology products including bots and financial tools for third parties.

As an addition to our portfolio and the logical evolution of the company and its involvement with cryptomoney and the treatment of its customers; BAMBOO is born a DeFi platform that will democratize access to decentralized financial instruments.

We have as main technological suppliers Kindynos and as legal suppliers Ferrer-bonsoms & Sanjurjo Abogados for the optimal and transparent development of BAMBOODEFI.

BAMBOODEFI is designed to be the global reference platform used to exchange, store and “grow” crypto currencies with the best possible Ratio without risking the stability of the project, taking advantage of well tested and audited protocols.

As if this were not enough, it also offers an excellent incentive program for all its users based on multipliers on the YieldFarming + Yieldfarming with temporary blocking and the Staking (Staking + Staking with temporary blocking) as well as a voting system so that users can influence, for example, both the improvements implemented in the platform and the liquidity pools added after the launch.

BAMBOODEFI in a nutshell:

  • Minimum private pre-sale aimed at supporting development.
  • The BAMBOODEFI team will not receive ANYTHING from all the BAMBOOs grown (Unlike other projects that receive a percentage of each token generated from their DEFI, Nexxyo Labs totally believes in the usability and acceptance of the project by the community, not needing to keep anything from the BAMBOOS generated in the staking system).
  • The BAMBOODEFI team will only receive BAMBOO tokens obtained through the SWAP commissions and the corresponding percentage of the Raindrop system. Both amounts are explained in detail in this document.
  • All the BAMBOO received by the development team has a minimum blocking time of 30 days.
  • Fair distribution of all BAMBOO tokens among the users of the ecosystem.
  • Maximum rewards for the BAMBOO owners.
  • Rewards for the initial LPS even if they are removed, if they keep BAMBOO locked in the staking system.
  • Advanced Market Maker (AMM) to offer alternative currency liquidity funds to liquidity providers (LPS).


BambooDeFi’s Raindrop is a lottery system based on concepts of inflation control, price support and reduction of Total and Current Supply.

These concepts are developed thanks to the 2 types of lottery implemented: The traditional Raindrop is carried out every 10 days. Users can buy tickets with their Bamboo. 90% of all accumulated bamboo is distributed among 9 winners. The remaining 10% is sent to the BambooVault.

The lottery takes place between all participating numbers, so there are always winners.

With this first lottery system we search:

  1. The establishment of price support for the continuous purchase of bamboo by the users who want to participate in the lottery every 10 days.
  2. Temporary liquidity reduction in the BAMBOO market. This is due to the fact that the tokens are blocked during 10 days for the lottery, thus providing a better performance of the token.

The second lottery system that we have called Bamboo Burn Yearly Party (BBYP), is based on the need for users to burn Bamboo to obtain participations for this annual lottery.

The accumulated jackpot is obtained through the AMM for a value of 10% of the commissions collected by the BambooDeFi team. With these commissions Bamboo will be repurchased through the AMM and sent to the specific wallet of the annual lottery, for blocking it until the date of celebration of the lottery. The lottery is carried out among all the participating numbers, therefore there is always a winner

Bamboo Card

Thanks to our technology partner Kindynos we can announce that in the future BAMBOO will have its own credit card and mobile application. This way we will be able to offer a system where you can easily switch from Bamboo to Fiat currency.

Bamboo DeFi is a global reference platform without risking

You can participate IEO and check more details from this website (



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