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Coolswap(COOL) Listing on ChainX

Coolswap(COOL) will be listed on April 16th at 20:00(KST).

Trading Pair : COOL/KRW

About Coolswap (COOL) :



  • Total Supply: 9,900,000
  • Ticker: COOL


  • Tokensale: 3,465,000 (35%) $COOL
  • Liquidity: 4,752,000 (48%) $COOL
  • Airdrop: 198,000 (2%) $COOL
  • Team: 495,000 (5%) $COOL
  • Development/marketing: 990,000 (10%) $COOL

Token distribution and Vesting details:-

3,465,000 (35%) $COOL are allocated to the public sale and are 100% unlocked on the day of listing.

  • Liquidity : 4,752,000 (48%) $COOL are allocated to provide liquidity on exchanges, Farming and Staking pools.
  • Airdrop : 198,000 (2%) $COOL will be used for airdrop and will be released, 2 weeks after initial listing.
  • Team : 495,000 (5%) $COOL tokens are allocated to the team with vesting schedule. 100% token will be locked for 2 years, and distributed to the team for the next 20 months.

Development/marketing: 990,000 (10%) $COOL are allocated to the Reserve fund and to be released according to platforms future development and marketing needs, can also be used in urgent situations (if need arises as supply is low), the community will be notified in advance.

Initial circulation supply details:-

Initial Circulation supply of $COOL token will be around 4,200,000 token from public sale and to provide liquidity on exchanges.

So Circulation supply will be 3,465,000 $COOL at launch (240,000 $COOL + amount allocated for first exchange listing)

ChainX exchange support the deposit and withdrawal of Coolswap (COOL)(




ChainX is one of the biggest crypto exchange based in Korea and growing fast. Now Korean top 3 exchange in Coinmarketcap. It offers buyers to get the right of entry KRW fiat/cryptos pairs, charging 0 deposit costs.

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