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Exchase (EXSE) IEO on ChainX

About Exchase (Website :

Exchase is an innovative ecosystem of fintech services, which includes a trading platform (forex and crypto exchange), a payment system and an instant payment service, social trading (PAMM accounts), an exchanger, including a decentralized exchange (DEX) and binary options trading service. In the near future, the platform will have a number of new crypto services, including staking, custody, cryptocurrency hedge fund functionality, as well as a functional extension of social trading to a full-fledged social network for traders. Next year, Exchase account holders will receive a personalized branded debit card with a credit limit, which can be used to pay for goods and services in crypto and fiat at a favorable rate.

Using our own unique high-tech solutions, we have combined into one platform many popular services provided by some players in the crypto market and the classic fintech market. Thus, having a single account for all these services, the user saves significant amounts due to the circulation of funds when using them, since the platform charges a zero commission on such a transfer of funds.

As part of the Q4 2020 — Q1 2021 crowdsale campaign, 200 million EXSE tokens of the ERC-20 standard will be issued. This emission will be fixed, and in order to further maintain the EXSE rate, in agreement with the investor community, tokens will be burned at a given frequency. In addition, the tokens used by traders to reduce trading commissions will definitely be burned. The EXSE token, in addition to performing its basic function as an investment object, will allow its holders to save on commissions when performing trading operations on the Exchase platform within four years from the moment of its launch, as well as receive bonuses from referrals.

Market Problems

Based on the analysis of current proposals, we can display a general list of common problems.

Insufficient level of security. Due to frequent hacks, users are afraid to keep their funds on exchanges. Therefore, our team with its cybersecurity department has made great efforts and conducted many tests that can guarantee almost 100% protection against hacking.

Insufficient number of tools for technical analysis. The best option for successful trading is preparation. However, most of the exchanges do not provide users with the opportunity to conduct a detailed technical analysis of a particular currency. This stops both novice traders and experienced ones.

Lack of training materials. Nobody comes to the industry as a cool specialist. Quality tutorials are a great solution for any platform. The main goal of all market players is to make a profit, therefore the availability of basic materials that would teach how to trade, analyze charts and explain typical mistakes are an important component of any trading platform.

Small pool of coins. Surprisingly, nowadays, most exchanges do not solve this important problem. Crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto pairs are practically the same on every platform. This is a significant disadvantage because as a result, it does not make the marketplaces unique and more attractive.

A very complicated verification procedure. The KYC procedure should not be too simple to protect against fraud, but not too complicated to simplify the work of users with the resource. Not all exchanges manage to find a middle ground in this matter.

Complicated user interface and limited languages. An unpleasant situation when you come to a new platform and find Chinese localization there. But another important problem is a large number of graphs, tables, buttons, an incomprehensible interface, and untraceable logic of user behavior on the site.

Lack of mobile applications. Most of the time a modern person spends not with computers and laptops, but with smartphones. Therefore, the lack of a mobile application for iOS or Android is considered a critical flaw. Native apps will eventually replace websites because their usability is many times higher.

General fragmentation of services. This market has a very high percentage of losses due to the transfer of funds between services. Users of one service are almost certainly users of another 5–10 services, but since they all belong to different businesses, accounts cannot rely on a single amount for each of the currencies in order to operate it on all platforms at once, without splitting it up and paying commissions for transfer of funds between them. On the Exchase platform, having a single account for all these services, the user saves significant amounts due to the circulation of funds when using them, since the platform imposes a zero commission on such a transfer of funds.


At the moment, we have created the basic functionality that will be deployed on the platform in stages. It is also planned to add other functions that can solve the current problems of the market and traders.

Based on the current market problems, our trading platform will have the following set of solutions:

About 2 million transactions per second The most important part of any exchange is its speed. The core of the trading system is capable of processing about 2,000,000 requests per second. According to the analyst team, this number is optimal to ensure high transaction processing speed without the need to deploy additional capacity that will be idle.

  1. Futures : It should be noted that the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a big rise not only in trading volumes but also in the introduction of tools familiar to ordinary traders for making a profit. Our platform will support the trading of futures contracts. This solution provides more opportunities for earning money and attracts a large audience of traders to the platform.
  2. Spot trading : In addition to futures trading, spot trading will be added. This type of trading is the most popular and familiar to the trader audience, as well as the most reliable, fast, and simple.
  3. Margin trading : Trading on margin is a requirement for any modern exchange that wants to compete with large players. Therefore, we consider it mandatory to add this type of trading to our platform.
  4. Anonymous instant exchange : It must not be forgotten that cryptocurrencies were created to provide greater anonymity. Every trader who wants to make an anonymous instant exchange can do this using our service.
  5. Decentralized exchange : Not all people trust exchanges, which means that it is necessary to provide an opportunity to make decentralized exchanges for those who are especially worried about the security of their funds

Our Services

Exchase a Multiple Fintech Services in one account!!!

You can participate IEO and check more details from this website (



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