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FarSwap(FAR) IEO on ChainX

  • FarSwap Farming
  • Earn a minimum 55% APY
  • FarSwap Lending and borrowing
  • Unstake anytime you wish

FarSwap Farming

Incentives for liquidity providers

Incentives for Lenders and Borrowers


  • Hold far token or other token on far Wallet and get rewarded
  • Stake Far token or other tokens on far Wallet and get rewarded bg rewards
  • Get rewarded for usng Far wallet to transfer or receve funds. (0.1 reward for every 24 hours for the token sent or receved)
  • Very low gas fee (lke TRON) : Track crypto prces
  • Ref bonus : Addng a 3rd party for fat purchase drectly wth far wallet
  • Dapp type of wallet wth few mult -chan lke trust wallet : Atomc swap


FarSwap is the first decentralized platform to give rewards to lenders and borrowers on the platform



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