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junca Platform

junca platform is aiming at helping the Asian economy through financial services such as international money transfer, foreign currency, crypto asset exchange and on/offline payment. junca platform will facilitate use case to contribute to society through donations and scholarship projects.

Details of juncaplatform

The junca platform provides fintech and crypto services to enable domestic and overseas remittances, exchanges and payments at ATMs, cards, wallet services, etc., and realizes lower fees.

We are thinking this is going to be a big step toward enriching the lives of people in Asia, including the Philippines.

What is junca Cash ?

junca Cash has a big difference from another crypto asset like a Bitcoin. It’s a critical way to fit the Philippines economy because it has many useful logistics, based on local needs.

Use case of junca Cash will provide features stated below;

  1. Settlement
  2. Domestic remittance
  3. Special benefits at all junca Group member stores and franchise stores
  4. Donations to funds and scholarship, etc.
  5. International remittances for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)
  6. Foreign currency exchange
  7. Exchange of crypto asset and fiat
  8. ATM (International and domestic remittance, Withdrawal, Deposit)

We will also issue “junca certificate” for highquality products approved by junca Group. With this certificate, qualified company receives marketing and branding support from junca Group. The ramification would be when the number of alliance companies increase, the number of junca Cash users would increase as high quality and safe use.

Uses of block chain

Case 1:International Remittance

By junca platform, the mobility of Holder, bank, remitter and money exchange are planned to provide new competitive international money remittance services.

Case 2:Human Resource Development

junca will evolve and revolutionize by using human resource development system that utilizes block chain technology.

For example, we will use “junca certificate” based on “high quality”. In addition, we are able to reduce intermediary cost, protecting data such as grades and diplomas from tampering, incorporating digital certification, multistage authentication, identification and transfer of units are possible. By incorporating smart contract, completing educational contracts and deposit certificate would be made possible, constructing intelligent trading system for economic education and resolving issues in education industry.

It also contributes to the preservation and delivery of educational data that can be used as reference of various learning experiences.

The educational institute of junca project would team up with organization, operating worldwide, to obtain skilled resource of talented people, which will be accessible to various countries.

We plan to institute management system and ecosystem aided by blockchain technology.


1. Charity

It will be used to donate to international charities. By partnering with a charity, junca will be able to use junca Cash as a donation on a secure, nondelayed blockchain.

Donations will be used to solve global problems, including support for people in Asia, which junca continues to support.

By making donations on the blockchain, history is visualized and the amount of support is not consumed by donation intermediation. As a fair donation method, we aim to create a model case for the future spread.

In addition, part of the profits generated by the operation of junca Cash will also be donated to charities.

2. Sociality Uses Market

The junca platform is in the ways described above for Cases 1–2. Case 1’s finance business junca Cash is planned to use for the social contribution that we focus on, especially for overseas remittances of OFW.

3. Uses for junca Salon Franchise

The beauty salon business, which has been launched by junca, we aim to develop 100 stores in the Philippines alone in fiscal 2020.

junca Salon’s franchise fee of an average 12 million JPY will be set to be settled through junca Cash.

In the light of the exchange rate immediately after ICO 1 junca Cash = 20.0 PHP = 45 yen, the distribution of 27,000,000 junca Cash can be expected.

The number of all the coins is 130,000,000. Compared with this, it is predicted that junca Cash prices will rise because almost 21% coin will transact.


In order to solve the poverty problems that are apparent in the Philippines, it is necessary to improve vocational training and education system. Currently, some of the people who want to work outside the Philippines, for example, using the OFW system, are not getting a satisfied job with their lack of adequate education.

For these people, we will introduce a scholarship loan system using junca Cash. First, we will recruit people who want to educate and provide them with scholarships. After completing the educational program, we will collect scholarships from the employer, OFW sending agency, and the receiving agency.

We also plan to set up a job training school in cooperation with Japanese businesses if the junca Cash produces a greater operational gain than expected.

Cross border remittance crypto asset “junca Cash” Enhance Asian economy and realize world peace.

You can participate IEO and check more details from this website (https://chainx.kr/)



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