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Kesef Finance (KSF) IEO on ChainX

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry is maturing over time with new innovations and new products hitting the markets. Newcomers are learning from the mistakes of old players by fine-tuning their applications with better security and new features. What still lacks is the accessibility to common man, non-crypto users. For them, managing different pools, swapping tokens etc. feels like rocket science. And maybe that’s the reason we see adoption not picking up the pace as it should. If that wasn’t enough complexity, there are multiple blockchains supporting the DeFi protocol.

This gap was identified by the upcoming DeFi project called Kesef Finance. Unlike its counterparts, Kesef isn’t just about swapping tokens, or staking and farming. Instead, it’s a complete financial system supporting cross-chain transactions, swapping tokens, trading, yield farming, fiat conversion, and a lot more. Here’s a complete list of Kesef products to understand the ecosystem.

Kesef Products Showcase

Kesef App

Kesef Mobile App is the central point of the entire ecosystem. Buying or selling KSF, swapping 3000+ tokens through Uniswap and another dex like Pancakeswap, managing Kesef cards, deposit and withdraw fiat, customer support, and a lot more.

Kesef has a mobile-first approach, which means users will need just one App on their mobile to dive into the entire DeFi industry. The app supports multiple yield farms hosted on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot blockchain.

Kesef Card

One of the most innovative features of Kesef is that it will provide a 0 fee debit card — Virtual as well as physical. This allows users to spend their DeFi earnings in the real world, without needing to go through different layers of fiat conversion on different exchanges. Like a regular plastic card, this card also can be used to withdraw cash from ATM machines around the world, at no extra fees.

Kesef Farms

Farming is one of the most lucrative products of the DeFi industry and at Kesef, we have made it simpler with added excitement. For advanced users, they can farm on multiple pools on different DeFi products from the Kesef App. While for beginners, Kesef app’s advanced algorithm does the dirty work.

With auto farming, the app automatically routes your fund from one pool to another when it detects higher APY. The algorithms are designed in such a way that you always get the best deal when it comes to farming. Cross-chain compatibility plays a vital role here, as the algorithm tracks different farming pools on different blockchains, and routes you fund without any complexity at your end.

  • Convenient crypto trading : Guaranteed Uniswap listing. Trade all Uniswap tokens. No Gas fees. Get price notifications, set your targets in a very user friendly interface.
  • No Fees : Kesef account is free. Moreover, Kesef card doesn’t have any fees as well. No monthly, annual, over-the-limit, foreign-transaction, or reservation fees.
  • Investing for everyone : Trading on DEX might be cumbersome for new users. Installing browser extensions for wallets, connecting them to DEX, and worrying about other settings. With Kesef, we take care of everything, you just need to focus on your returns and trades.
  • Smarter way to earn interest on your money : With our advanced algorithms, we make sure you make the most interest on your money with safety of funds a priority. This includes market-making commission, lending, and insurance all done on the back-end while you enjoy the interest. Paid daily
  • Flaunt your Metal Card : Get over with the boring card design. With all new Metal Card designed specifically to represent your eliteness, use it almost everywhere in the real world. Use it online or offline, your wish.
  • One Click Virtual Card : Don’t like a bulky wallet? No problem. You get your card inside the APP while your physical card is on its way. Use it online to make purchases anywhere. Anytime.\
  • Utiilize DeFi (decentralized Finance) : Kesef is a financial service that caters all the money needs in one place. Bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and the real world. Just one App to track prices, receive alerts, investing, trading, lending, earning interest, and debit card to spend your profits.
  • Support that helps : Got an issue with any of the services? Talk to a representative right from your mobile App. Customer support executives are well trained with all the features and they assist you in getting your problem resolved quickly and easily.
  • Visualize your spending : Keep complete track of your money with our simple, intuitive, yet detailed analytics right inside the app. Now you can get a detailed idea of where your money is coming from and where it is going. Giving you complete control over your finances. No random codes like your bank statements, everything is human readable. Making it easy for anyone to understand their finances.
  • Latest promotion : Nothing else to add here. It’s a simple concept. We are building a service that meets the everchanging standards of our digital age, and we want to build it together. Moreover, we can’t do it without you. Farm token by providing liquidity or by staking other DeFi LP tokens. Token holders will receive exclusive rewards and early access to the app. token will be used to cover all banking and trading fees in the app. Let’s farm together with friends.

Kesef Finance is Farm & Earn Virtually, Spend in Reality

You can participate IEO and check more details from this website (



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