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Landshare (LAND) IEO on ChainX


Blockchain technology has brought about many new ways for investors to earn yields. In most cases, the returns on cryptocurrency far exceed those offered by traditional financial institutions. However, many platforms offer yields that are simply unsustainable, with assets based on nothing. Investors incur considerable risks when putting their money into these platforms.

What sets Landshare apart from other projects is simple — we are based on real estate value and rental prices. We are focused on simplicity, accessibility, and yield maximization. The reliability of the real estate market is combined with the power of the blockchain, creating a platform that offers the best of both worlds.

How Landshare Works

On a basic level, Landshare works like any other yield generating platform: you stake your tokens and earn rewards. What makes Landshare unique is that instead of incorporating unsustainably high APY rates, our platform returns yields based on the value of real estate assets and the rental profits they can generate. In essence, Landshare allows investors to participate indirectly in the real estate market, without having to worry about maintenance, taxes, tokenized ownership, or property depreciation.

The native token of the platform is the Landshare Token. The token is earned as a reward for staking in the Property Vault. Utilities of the token include governance, premium feature access, staking, and charitable fundraising. More information on the Landshare Token can be found in the Landshare Token section of this whitepaper.

The platform will launch with the Property Vault, the Landshare Token, and token staking. Roadmapped features include the governance protocol, crowdfunded house flipping, and charity token lock events.


  • Hassle Free : No need to worry about maintenance, property taxes or management — simply stake stablecoins and enjoy all of the benefits of real estate investment.
  • Secure : Investors are not liable for damages, depreciation, or vacancies, reducing the risk compared to a traditional real estate investment.
  • Earn Yields : Yields are calculated and distributed based on the monthly rental value and estimated appreciation of real estate assets.

Landshare Token

The Landshare Token is the native token of the Landshare platform. The token is used as a reward for stakers and holding the token is required to use the Property Vault. A token governance feature will debut after launch, allowing token holders to vote on important operational decisions. The Landshare token is a platform utility and does not represent ownership of any real estate assets and its value is not tied to any real estate assets.

The Landshare token features a daily buyback mechanic. A percentage of the platform’s TVL will be used to purchase the token on the open market and those tokens will be distributed to stakers. In addition to the automatic daily buyback, the Landshare team will conduct discretionary token buyback-and-burns in order to keep the total supply under the cap of 10 million Landshare Tokens.

When the governance protocol launches, buyback funds will enter a reserve fund and token holders will be able to vote on how to use those funds. More details on this feature can be seen in the governance protocol section.


The Donate feature allows our community to give back while also serving as a deflationary mechanic. The Landshare Team will launch fund raising pools where token holders can lock their tokens for a specific time period, such as 3 months. These deposits will incur a small fee of 1%. Each token locked will represent a USD value to be donated by the Landshare team. The charities will be selected by token holders via the governance protocol.


In addition to the Property Vault, Landshare also features a LAND token staking platform. Unlike the Property Vault, there is no limit to the number of tokens that can be staked, and the APR will vary depending on the total number of tokens being staked. The rewards for this pool are not minted, but rather are purchased from the open market. No less than 10% of the Property Vault’s value will go toward buying tokens for stakers annually. This number scales dynamically, so if the size of the Property Vault increases, you will immediately begin to receive higher yields. Payouts will happen once per day. There is a 1% deposit fee, all of which will go back into the staking reward pool.


Holding the Landshare Token is required to deposit or withdraw from the Property Vault. For every 10 BUSD deposited or withdrawn, the user must hold 1 Landshare Token. These tokens do not lock when the user makes a deposit, but the appropriate amount must be in the staker’s wallet in order to withdraw. Landshare Token holders will also be access to new features such as our Governance Protocol and Crowdfunded House Flipping. Please see the Upcoming Features section for more information.


Landshare offers investors an easy to use, value-driven investment platform based on simplicity, accessibility, and yield maximization. Our model represents the easiest way to profit from rental prices and property value appreciation — simply stake your stablecoins, harvest your rewards, and withdraw at any time. By eliminating the complications of similar projects, Landshare offers a lower barrier of entry and higher investor yields.

Landshare is Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain.

You can participate IEO and check more details from this website (




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