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About Melecoin (Website :

MELECOIN is a blockchain technology specialist in banking, investment and e-commerce. We have gathered the best achievements of our predecessors in the field of electronic currency, which aims to solve the problems of electronic commerce, banking services and smart investments, and expand the scope to the largest possible slice in Creating a centralized and decentralized business environment to create a bridge of electronic transactions and traditional transactions, documenting the currency as an alternative source, and establishing projects linked to the blockchain.


  1. Establishment of projects in various areas of decentralization, such as the sale of goods and the sale of services and the field of games and the field of tourism and other areas linked to the Blockchain Technology.
  2. Processing the means of payment systems Cash and convert it into encrypted currency.
  3. We offer solutions in currency conversion to services, goods and cash.

We keep pace with developments and look for appropriate solutions to create a level of balance and completion of projects where the source of financial gain for users is a platform loyalty system in our applications, e-services and attractive offers of consumer goods.


The currency will be used in a range of promising projects that will move up the currency market to the point where the investor is reassured to invest in the currency of the MELECOIN. Our projects are carefully selected and considered to provide minimum risk and maximum profit based on detailed and in-depth market studies.

  1. E-Commerce Platform : Is a platform built on the smart transaction system that links all commercial means of contracts, bonds, assets, goods and services to the target of Block chain Technology, a logarithmic mantra that will solve many issues of electronic and traditional commerce.
  2. Bank Platform : Is an electronic platform for trading money and open channels of multiple clouds, deposit and transfer, transfers and the implementation of banking transactions using block chain system Technology.
  3. Real Estate Platform : Which aims to replace paperwork processes — such as signing a temporary sale or purchase agreement or mortgage application — with a digital license. This should allow users to send a certified, encrypted and signed interim agreement by the buyer to selected banks under the Block chain System Technology.
  4. Games Platform : No more losing of time and the waste of money anymore, this platform with the Block chain system has been established to distribute profits to players so as to create a balance between developers of games and players.
  5. Mining Platform : Mining is one of the most profitable projects. In addition to supporting currency mining, the most profitable currencies are mined according to market studies.
  6. Loyalty Program Platform : Is a platform that works between the trader and the customer to reduce the real fees to stimulate the customer’s rewards and aims to gain trust between the parties.


Visa cards are issued gold or plastic deposit to all shareholders in the currency of MELECOIN on (15/10/2019)
The company was contracted by the exporting company in Canada. Fe-corporation


Starting on the activation of a special electronic wallet on behalf of MeleWallet on the site of www.melebank.Com on (01/10/2019)

MELECOIN is a blockchain technology specialist in banking, investment and e-commerce.

You can participate IEO and check more details from this website (



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