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Opu Labs (OPU)

About Opu Labs (Website :

Opu empowers patients, researchers, manufacturers, and medical professionals around the world with the ability to manage, monitor and monetize private and secure medical data.

Data providers can securely monetize data while retaining complete privacy and control, where data consumers can access private data effortlessly for use in research, business, science, and technology.

How OPU Coin Works.

  1. Opu Coin is the access token : Researchers, manufacturers, and medical professionals can quickly and easily obtain anonymized, private, and secure medical data. Opu Coins grant immediate and effortless access to quality data that can be used in research, business, science, and technology.
  2. Users get OPU for every paid access : Whenever data is accessed, the data provider is rewarded with OPU. The rewards are denominated in fiat, so the amount of reward is stable and doesn’t depend on OPU price fluctuations. Data can be monetized securely while retaining complete privacy and control.
  3. How to get OPU? : Opu Coins will be easily purchased through many popular exchanges or earned directly from the Opu Platform.

OPU is decentralized platform for the healthcare data economy!!!!

You can participate IEO and check more details from this website (




ChainX is one of the biggest crypto exchange based in Korea and growing fast. Now Korean top 3 exchange in Coinmarketcap. It offers buyers to get the right of entry KRW fiat/cryptos pairs, charging 0 deposit costs.

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