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PolypuX (PUX) IEO on ChainX


How to Use PolypuX

Social Network and Statistics

How will the PolypuX DeFi platform work?

  • You can connect your social media accounts to the platform. Thus, you can start earning from the interactions (likes, comments, shares) of your social media posts. PolypuX does not request your private information.
  • With the link generation feature, you can convert the original links into Polypux links and earn more with every unique click.
  • You can earn more by inviting people to the platform by sharing your reference link.
  • Advertisers, on the other hand, can reach a wide audience in a healthy and economical way thanks to the interesting method of PolypuX.

What do PUX tokens do?

  • PUX token is a cryptocurrency used in the PolypuX mobile application. With these tokens, you can increase the interactions on your own social media profiles or transfer them to any ERC20 wallet.

PolypuX is the first decentralized social media platform



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