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Power Coin (PCOIN)

About Power Coin (Website:

The global assets market is as large as the estimated $85 trillion global GDP. A large portion of the global asset market is underleveraged assets that typically are illiquid. Power Corp through the introduction of its Power Coin (PCoin) has designed a platform that uses a stable coin and blockchain technology to create liquidity. Power Corp is innovating the Finance 3.0 approach by building a better exchange of value system. PCoin is an asset backed hybrid stable coin that protects investors against volatility in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Power Corp plans to use a half billion of its PCoin to acquire assets such as: real estate, renewable energy systems, intellectual property, digital and fiat currencies, and financial instruments such as stocks and bonds. The intent is to create a diverse and therefore stable portfolio of assets designed to protect users/holders of our hybrid stable coin. Furthermore, Power Corp is developing a roadmap that includes a multi-phased 1 Gigawatt Blockchain Data Center, an Innovation Center and the onboarding of Billions in assets by 2025. Details of our roll out plans are offered in this white paper.

why Power Coin?

The power behind power coin is fourfold:

  1. It’s the stability. The coin is asset-backed by appreciating income-producing physical and digital assets that grow in value to its liquidity
  2. Power Corp’s crypto mining facilities creates increased liquidity across multiple altcoins and their ease of exchange with PCoin and the Power card for use in the Main Street marketplace. 3
  3. Focuses on profitability and sustainability. Power Corp’s crypto mining facilities will be strategically located using renewable energy sources in doing so the payback time for investment is shortened while producing alt coins with limited to no carbon signature.
  4. For its transparency. The assets that are backing the coin are held in our USA based power vault and those assets will go through semiannual audits from a top tier accounting firm which will be disclosed to power coin holders so you can buy the power coin for safety when the cryptocurrency market is volatile while maintaining value appreciation unlike tether or buy the power coin to mine cryptocurrencies cheaper than companies like Genesis mining and others with less efficient operations.
  5. Higher electricity costs carbon footprints and those whose price per mega hash continues to increase and, finally, you can exchange your physical and digital assets for PCoins and generate additional needed capital to monetize your assets. Power Corp, Power coin, Power vault, let blockchain mining empower your future by buying the most liquid asset-based token in the marketplace.

Road map

Power Coin is Finance Companies and Investors Telling You No!

You can participate IEO and check more details from this website (



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