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Tautrino (TRINO) IEO on ChainX

About Tautrino (Website :

First of all, Tautrino is not a word that exists in a manner the world has yet defined. The combination of concepts from two important fields of science and physics known to humanity was chosen and merged to create a new dynamic synthetic asset called Tautrino.

The first part, “Tau”, is the 19th letter in the Greek alphabet and represents, in Greek numerals, the value of 300. It is also of vital importance in mathematics and physics.

The second part, “Trino”, was derived from Neutrino, a subatomic particle little known to humanity as it is the lightest and one of the fastest particles capable of speed far faster than lightspeed.

Together, the vision of Tautrino or TAU is to become an under the radar currency leveraging game theory with exponentially powerful yet simple mechanisms to find equilibrium by the market forces.


  1. Go big or go home : If your dreams don’t scare you or others, it’s not big enough.
  2. Feeling good : We are selective, we are exclusive, and we are very very fucking expensive.
  3. Think Different : Because the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Potential effects of sudden Supply Inflation and Supply Shock

For example, player Bob chooses to enter the system by obtaining 3 Tautrino’s or 1% of the Tautrino supply at the base value of Tau or 300.

The system goes through a positive rebase, thus the entire supply is now 600 with Bob’s coin balance increased to 6 TAU. Should the system double again at the next event, the entire coin supply will be 1200 and Bob owning 12 TAU. This calculation does not account for the fact should Bob choose to move coins during supply expansion.

For example, Bob holding 12 TAU at the time of 1200 total coin supply, Bob decided to transfer 6 TAU to Alice in another address. The percentage of the entire network of 0.5% will be transferred to the new owner Alice, the system goes through a negative debase, thus all coin supplies at the time regardless of their amount, go back to Tau, which is the value of 300. The balance of Bob’s wallet will be 1.5 TAU which represents 0.5% of the network and Alice’s wallet will be also 1.5 TAU which represents 0.5% of the network.

The potentially infinite sudden sharp supply increase and massive deflation back to Tau, introduces an interesting new dynamic for long-term investors and short-term speculators. It would be difficult to accurately make a prediction of the next “coin flip” thus market participants would have a short amount of time window to decide actions of choice, stay for the opportunity to obtain a 100% increase, or risk the chance of going back to Tau. The player may also choose to leave the game entirely by forfeiting all Tautrinos back to other players via the market at any time. The price of Tautrino would be purely reflected by the actions and choices of the players in the system. We do not yet fully understand the implication of such sudden supply changes in an economic environment.

Goals of the experiment

To define via market forces the market value of Tau or 300 via a new dynamic market-driven cryptocurrency governed by mathematics and probability. The study of the price actions and market participants via decision behaviors of the crowd should also be very interesting to observe such phenomena and gain deeper insights into the parabolic effects of hyperinflation and hyper-deflation in an economic system.

Tautrino is a Quasi-Quantum economic simulation !!!

You can participate IEO and check more details from this website (



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