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TokenFair (TOF) IEO on ChainX

What is Tokenfair?

It is a platform for investing in promising projects.The platform combines both convenience and security.We offer new projects reliable and fast work,and investors with proven and promising projects.


The investor will be able to turn money on our platform using the erc 20 protocol. Part of the allocation will be distributed only to TOF coin holders. The rest will be distributed randomly.

Then, after participating, the person chooses a place to receive the token. This will be either our built-in wallet or a metamask type wallet that it needs to connect to the platform.


  • Many projects in needed of finances
  • Public sales that people don’t hear about
  • Incorrect and unfair division of allocation
  • Excessive verification for participation


Our platform is the best solution to this problem. It will be available both in the web version and for mobile devices. It is safe, our team will not allow the appearance of fraudulent projects on the platform and the loss of your funds.

Our advantages

  • The entry threshold for projects is lower than that of competitors
  • Lower commission: 30% less
  • We put all kinds of information about projects in the public domain.
  • Mobile version
  • Available worldwide, no local restrictions
  • No unnecessary verification

Market analysis

Currently, there are platforms, the main disadvantage of which is: high requirements for projects, low transaction speed. In our opinion, the main functions of such investment platforms are access to private investment in new projects and assistance in raising money for startups. Also, our team is more than confident that legal and valuable projects should not depend on market sentiment.

Tier 1 projects: blockchain and protocols should only earn reputation for their value, and not for the temporary fluctuation of the world’s main cryptocurrency. We help just such projects that are motivated to make a product that works and people need. Which will become a new round of cryptocurrencies. Since we have extensive investment experience, which helps us to facilitate the process of raising the project to a new level. There will be no goal for us to make money on commissions, so commissions will be optimal in terms of price / speed.

There will always be news from our team regarding new potentially large projects where you can have time to participate in the early stages of sales. Each project will be analyzed by us to the smallest detail. Our platform will have a portfolio tracker that will help you track your active positions.

TokenFair is a platform for investing in promising projects

You can participate IEO and check more details from this website (




ChainX is one of the biggest crypto exchange based in Korea and growing fast. Now Korean top 3 exchange in Coinmarketcap. It offers buyers to get the right of entry KRW fiat/cryptos pairs, charging 0 deposit costs.

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