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Yearn Finance One (YFO) IEO on ChainX

About Yearn Finance One (Website :

The YFiONE vision is to build several decentralized financial applications (Defi — Apps) and then develop these products into full fledged projects thereby increasing the value of the YFiONE ecosystem. With the uproar of several decentralized financial (Defi) products not having real use cases and simple methods of use, product usage has been difficult for Defi users especially because it requires vast understanding of the Ethereum blockchain. Another common problem is the false value which many Defi projects propose by building simple swap websites and then halting further development. This makes it seem as though the Defi swap is all there is to offer but this is not so.

The YFiONE project and its decentralized team from different countries, promises to create a sustainable ecosystem by developing and building several Defi products around its platform and guarantees the ultimate true value of what a Defi project should be. YFiONE is a community-driven blockchain project which aims to build severally Defi-applications on top of its platform with creative and disruptive blockchain Defi ideas, hence becoming the first cutting-edge Defi project worth emulating.

Defi General problems

One might have thought that the recent increase in scam rates of Defi projects might be a major problem hindering Defi products or services from scaling higher and going mainstream. However, it is not a major problem nor is it the reason why Defi projects haven’t gained so much acceptance even though they have gained much attention. All that notwithstanding, scams by projects/teams are definitely problems of Defi and we have seen a lot of cases where projects dump tokens on their communities/token holders, and exit without fulfilling promises made.

As soon as Defi made the headlines for better use cases of blockchain technology utilizing the Ethereum ecosystem, most people jumped into it without thorough understanding as to what they could achieve. Projects rose up to make quick bucks. We saw cases of CEOs leaving the projects after exit scams. What could have been the most spectacular experience for communities and cryptocurrency investors became what investors saw as fuzz. Instead of building solutions using Defi to sustain a scalable ecosystem, they generated problems that the YFiONE project intends to solve.

YFiONE Solutions

There are so many questions to ask as regards why Defi projects can’t really sustain themselves with the increasing downtrend of their tokens despite the huge Defi hype and being listed on top exchanges. However, the real question is how many developers/projects are really building blockchain solutions to improve the way decentralized financial products exist? Projects and their developers are meant to ensure seamless utilization of these applications for users to integrate them into their business thereby unleashing the full service scale of Defi.

The main hindrance leading up to Defi’s inability to get mainstream attention is the fact that projects are not building intuitive Defi products that can be used even by newbies on blockchain to witness the full potential of decentralized finance and growth. The YFiONE team is bringing a solution to this by creating diverse Defi products that will increase the values of both the Defi and YFIONE ecosystems. This solution will empower you to benefit from simply holding the tokens while the projects grow via the numerous decentralized finance products.

YFiONE Model

YFiONE will commence with building 4 flagship decentralized finance applications (Defi-Apps). These products will be fabricated such that token holders can utilize them seamlessly without hassles and newbies can easily be oriented for better usage. Since the token will have a full governance mechanism for community decisions, every milestone achieved will always be a motion set by the community because they’ll have to vote for all initiatives. It will drive us closer to the next phase on our roadmap as it would help narrow down the next course of action required to achieve our end goal which is to cause a paradigm shift on Defi products.

We plan to construct these first Defi products to enable us to leverage on and build dedicated communities of Defi lovers, supporters, investors who in turn will improve the product usage. We have envisaged products that should resolve a number of problems regarding wallet, farming, swap and much more. All of the above will be orchestrated by the YFiONE team to facilitate successful product launch and integration. The dedicated team and the early adopters who are actively involved in supporting these platforms will immensely benefit from the value system of our business model both financially and through its usability.

YFiONE Products

Yearn Finance One is a high yield Defi farm that allows you to Stake, Farm, swap and Earn.

You can participate IEO and check more details from this website (



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