ChainZilla Pulse January 19'

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January 19'

Latin American Blockchain and Fintech Initiative

To start 2019 in the right spirits we are happy to announce the launch of the first foundation esablished in Panama that is focused on blockchain development and adoption.

The Latin American Blockchain and Fintech Initiative (LABFin) was formed in 2018 by a group of projects including ChainZilla, Komodo Platform, Pundix, Synergy Cryptoadvisor, and NEM. It is a platform for all companies — big or small, established or startups — active in the Blockchain and Fintech space.

On the one hand, we are driven by innovation, entrepreneurship, and decentralization with an interest in the politics on the other. Our mission is to bridge the gap between these spheres.

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ABEE Foundation Proposes another model for the Ride Share Economy

When services like Uber (2009), and later Lyft (2012), first introduced their concepts to the world, they revolutionized the way many of us get from point A to point B. And even though the rideshare industry has offered us user-friendly and reliable alternatives to the traditional taxi industry, there is still room for improvement. Innovation is always just around the corner. 
 Now, that new innovation is here. Using blockchain technologies powered by Qtum and Dash, The ABEE Foundation is preparing to launch ABEE Ride, a blockchain-powered ride-hailing company. The aim is to put the power back in the users’ hands and create an improved ride-sharing experience for both passengers and drivers.

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ChainZilla is Welcomed to the NEM Ecosystem

One of the goals of our company is to bring projects together through development and cross-project collaboration. As a development company we assist projects and businesses to expand their technology stack. In Latin America, ChainZilla will play a crucial role in the adoption of these technologies in Panama and surrounding regions.

Chameleon Wallet Update: Are you interested in testing the beta version?

In the coming weeks we will select the users that will begin tests on the closed-beta version of Chameleon Mobile. This will provide us invaluable feedback on the app’s workflow and any minor improvements that need to be made prior to the public beta release.
 If you would like to help us with our Closed Beta testing, please fill out this form:

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