Pundix and ChainZilla Partnership expands merchant access to Bitcoin Payment Processors in Panama

Aug 13, 2019 · 2 min read

Pundi X, the leading blockchain point-of-sale provider in Latin America, announced that its state-of-the-art payment gateway (XPOS) will be launched in Panama and its surrounding regions. ChainZilla, as the main distributor and liquidity provider in Panama is leading the way for cryptocurrency point-of-sale adoption and regulation.

Pundi X provides all relevant payment tools that longside industry-leading levels of security and integrated management systems to help merchants improve conversion rates, boost revenues, and run compliant eCommerce operations in Latin America.

This partnership enables merchants in Panama to immediately accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments and then withdraw to their local currency, stable currencies, and a wide range of popular alternative payment methods in Panama.

Pundi X has successfully completed integration support of its XPOS module on X990 made by US-based Verifone, one of the largest providers of traditional point-of-sale (POS) terminals in the world, to allow a wider network of retailers to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. With this integration, shops and retail outlets using the Verifone X990 with XPOS module activated will now be able to process cryptocurrency payments alongside traditional transactions such as Visa and Mastercard.

Charles Gonzales CEO of ChainZilla, comments: “The fintech landscape in Latin America is fragmented and young, it’s even more difficult to launch Bitcoin-based services. We believe that the first step to bridging this gap is to give merchants the ability to process payments in crypto, stable currencies, and traditional payment methods like Apple Pay or Visa. Moreover, the merchant will be able to consolidate their cryptocurrency payments into a local currency via our OTC desk.”

For more information please contact: hello@chainzilla.io

About Pundi X

Pundi X helps transform retail businesses with its blockchain-based point of sale solution that lets anyone buy, sell, and process payments in Bitcoin. They are the creators of two world’s first blockchain-based devices.

The first one is the XPOS which is a leading blockchain-based point of sale solution that enables merchants and customers to easily buy, sell and transact in digital currency. The second is the groundbreaking XPhone powered by Function X which allows users to use blockchain to browse, text and call on the phone without going through a centralized service provider.

About ChainZilla

ChainZilla is at the forefront of blockchain development in Panama and Latin America. With support from over a dozen blockchain projects we’re focused on the deployment of real-world solutions to blockchain adoption and liquidity. We specialize in blockchain and app design, development, and consulting.

The first company in Panama to launch a non-custodial multiwallet and payment processor. A member of CAPATEC and Panama’s Chamber of Blockchain and Commerce.


Bespoke blockchain solutions for NEM, Komodo, Qtum, and ETH.

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