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A Mother’s Tale

A poem for Chalkboard’s Time to Rhyme project.

BrickRedBard for Pixabay

Remember that time you ate the hot wings?

Your tummy was on fire, among other things.

We tried to warn you, yet you knew best,

Then spent the night hurting, and got no rest.

We should have been more adult,

Knowing full well the awful result.

Sometimes you must learn through experience

Sticking to the rules with simple adherence.

I guess you learned your lesson that day,

You now get your pain some other way.

As parents, we want to keep you safe from harm,

Yet can’t always be there to snatch your arm.

Remember the lock? Oh, that’s another tale

Nine stitches for that one, to no avail.

Brothers and friends have tried their best

To maim or hurt you, all in jest.

You showed them, you’re such a success!

(Though your diet still sucks, you’re such a hot mess!)

True story, about my youngest. Not sure if he really learned his lesson, all three of them seem to try to outdo each other by eating the hottest food they can find. ;)

This piece is part of the Time to Rhyme collaboration on Chalkboard. To continue the rhyme chain, choose rhyming words from this piece as a base for your poem. Learn more

I used rhyming words from Sister Survivors by Kathy Jacobs.

Thanks to Dewi for this fun challenge!



Closed to new submissions starting June 1, 2021

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