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Tamyka Bell
Feb 13, 2019 · 2 min read

My head held high, my eyes turned low
I take my time ’cos I don’t know you
Or what this means, or who we are
Or how each small step can feel so far

Ten steps closer to you
Ten steps away from everything I knew
And I feel so scared to try
So, so scared to learn what secrets might lie

Beyond what I know and what I feel
If what I feel is even real
Is even true, and then, why me?
Why you?

If I’m dreaming,
Wake me when it’s over — I’m not leaving
I don’t understand this thing I’m feeling
All this time my heart has been deceiving me

Now I’m shaken
Under this uncertainty I’m breaking
Not confident about this path I’ve taken
But something deep inside me is awakening

There’s no going back
I can’t turn back
now I’m walking, I’m walking to you

This is all I know and all I feel
And what I feel I know it’s real
I know it’s true, and this is me
And I love you

No there’s no going back now
I can’t turn back now
now I’m walking, I’m walking with you

There’s no going back now…

Awakening by Tamyka Bell is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Lyrics, melody, vocals: Tamyka Bell
Backing track:
Inspirational Dream — AShamaluevMusic
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