another (rather long) one-liner after Emily Roberts’ prompt

credit: Heath Houston
Your hands,
your lips, 
your eyes, 
your smile, 
your smell, 
your nose, 
your voice, 
your elbows, 
your laugh, 
your ears, 
your understanding,
your neck, 
your patience, 
your shoulders, 
your whispers, 
your hair, 
your trust, 
your navel,
your kisses, 
your belief in me, 
the way you eat, 
the way you dug your hands under my shirt when they got cold, 
the way you bite your lip,
the way you snuggle like you already know how safe you are with me,
the way you listen to me,
how alive you are,
how you don’t let your fears dominate you, 
how you don’t over-complicate things, 
how you tell me your thoughts without me having to drag it out of you 
(I only have to ask), 
…so, maybe I can’t define exactly what beauty is,
but I know you are beautiful in all of these ways
and knowing there are a million more beautiful facets of you
still to be explored,
that’s beautiful too.

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