Bring It On

a collaborative poem of one liners

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Life gave me lemons but I don’t like lemonade (Indira Reddy)
so pour me a top-shelf margarita, dear bartender— let’s see (
Tamyka Bell)
where the lines could take me… we… us…(
C. Duhnne)
I’ll take life’s bite with some salt (
but I will not take yours at all (
No oneʻs fault, Iʻll chase the bitter: another round (
the alleged kat)
another dollar downed. Rock back, (
Tamyka Bell)
peer over the rim, savor the view…(
Crystal Lady)
breathe, as if my last. Act, like nothing will last (
Made it in before the last call barkeep — what do you recommend?(
Nancy E. Pitts)
How about some bitters with lemon? — Life’s last laugh. (