Do you have a ‘curious’ mind ? — Revealed

Here’s the final reading from me. It’s really really reeeaally great and worth the time I invested.

So coming back to the awesome submissions I received for my poem. I am overwhelmed. A hundred ‘thank you’s and more to you Tamyka Bell .

Your voice was soulful Dewi . I felt my ears weren’t listening but my conscious!
The feeling of quiet and the loneliness I meant in the poem, well conveyed. You gave another dimension to my words. I loved it.I loved every bit of it.

Michael Stalcup !!

This part 'un- known we are’, I loved it 
But what caught my attention was the long pause before the last line.
It has a depth of its own.

It reflects a wagon of emotions -
agony, anger, disgust , helplessness, despair and even sarcasm!
I knew you would live up to my expectations but you surprised me with more!

the alleged kat Your reading truely reflected mine. In fact a better version! Bold and confident enough to pierce those lazy minds. Exquisite! It is evident you’ve taken care of every word and the way you read it. You proved me right, didn’t you? Yessss I loved it!

Zev zenvy! Well it was a surprise reading I must say. 
You were on a poetic ride! I enjoyed it. Thanks to your healthy larynx.

Tamyka Bell I loved it. Your voice added a balance of meaning and beauty. It was different but easy to listen to. Something I had subconsciously expected from you. A busy bee that you are I must thank you for this beautiful piece.

The journey

The day I had submitted my poem I had not imagined what would become of my poem and the huge impact it would have on me and my perception. I submitted my poem, it got selected and published .


And them came the amazing readings. Voices from people who redefined my words with their glasses. If you go through my first reading you’ll notice the tone I’d used. Rebellious, angry and agonizing! Yes, I complained.

The second reading ,however, is nowhere near the first one. You’ll notice a calmness, a quiet. .

The readings from Dewi , Michael Stalcup , the alleged kat , Zev and Tamyka Bell these amazing people have inspired me. Words were mine but they gave a meaning of their own. Another perspective, another dimension! I realized the secret in my own words, hidden but now revealed! Do you have a curious mind ? REVEALED!

A complaining voice is now gentle and soft
to ignite another ignorant mind ,
How can we march ahead ?
If our people are still blind and behind

I insist people to give it a try for such an amazing journey. All you need to do is

  • Become a writer for Chalkboard
  • Submit your poem in Readings section
  • If you’ve got questions, ask them on the instructions page, and one of the editors will answer

Thank you sooooo much Tamyka Bell and Chalkboard for this epic adventure.