(a poem to be read out loud)

Release, soul jailer, Let it go
Throw your essence thither, scatter!
Return to Spirit for me, and
Carry my message

Tell the creator, I am home
Tell the sustainer, I am roped
Tell the destroyer, I am prone
I’m home, roped, prone, waiting

Release, wanderer, Find yourself
The sojourn has gone on for too long
Return the search back to her rest, and
Carry my message

Tell the mountain, I am worn 
Tell the seeker, I am done!
Tell the preacher, I am forlorn
A worn out done forlorn pacing, oscillating

Release, earth child, worker of the mills
Clock in for the last time as you clock out
And as you lay on Earth’s back slowly fading, sinking, soaring…
Carry my message

Tell the mourners, I am free
Tell the washers, I am clean
Tell the pruner, I am green
A free clean green growing, growing, growing…


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Photo by Hugo Ataide (Pixabay/Pexels)