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Life’s Irony as Alchemy for Transformation

One Line Poetry Prompt: Irony

Leah J.🕊
May 29 · 1 min read

Shield not heart, mind and soul

from inherent ironic incongruities

by nurturing creative solutions

letting the tree of life

branch and blossom

directly to the light.

namasté, Leah 🕊“Embracing the hurt and a dissonant voice for mindful, empowering transformations.” 🕊

Your turn:)

Theme: Irony

Share your own one-line poem on the theme as a response to this post, or write a stand-alone piece if you prefer. Tag your piece “One Line” and, if you have a stand-alone poem, be sure to leave a link in the response section below.

Thanks to Kathy Jacobs, Harper Thorpe, with the entire Chalkboard team!

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Leah J.🕊

Written by

🕊Lover of words as tools to wholeheartedly embrace the matrix — body/mind/heart/soul/spirit🕊 Carpe Diem 🕊 Paying It Forward 🕊Patreon/artmatrix🕊


The home of asynchronous collaboration. Write with us!

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