after Jackie Ann

Stellar mysteries, the auras
hang over us, warning of
each moon’s passage. Those waning

revolutions tighten what love
unwinds, her coiled shackles reminding
not one of us, least of all me.
Spiralling out of control with

her by our side, a twinkling
obscenity rises, razes as she touches
my flesh. It is unthinkable that,
enigmatic and fiery, she should choose to be my
wondrous burden, my flight of fancy on a real
aeroplane. We wander the galaxy, searching for home.
Reason has no place here; my destiny is
dancing across the stars with you.

This acrostic golden shovel is part of Keep Digging Deeper: a tributary web on Chalkboard. I worked from a line in this poem:

Flow on…

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