How to Submit

In an effort to make collaboration easy and consistent throughout the publication, here are some guidelines to follow, for both hosts and writers! For more information on how the publication works as a whole, check out our About section.

But then again…

Don’t be shy to bend the rules if your writing calls for it!

For Posting

When you participate in a collaboration on Chalkboard, there will generally be a “master post” where the host discusses the premise and the assignments for the collaboration and will include instructions on how to join the project if you are new to Chalkboard. Your role as a contributor is whatever the host describes!

There are only two things you need to do in order to keep the post organized:

  1. Tag the host at the beginning of your post so they know to check it when you submit a draft.
  2. Include the unique tag described by the host in the collaboration’s master post.

For Hosting

When you host a collaboration on Chalkboard, it’s your job to provide writers and readers with the premise of your project! Once you describe the project, give your participants a specific tag to respond to the prompt with so that they will remain organized. Examples of good unique tags might be “Chained Cinquain” or “hi-jack renga.”

You should also think about where you want users to respond. Generally, the organization of a publication works best when the master post gets featured on the homepage and the menu bar links to posts tagged with your unique tag. However, some collaborations can be successful when the participants respond in the comments and the host edits the responses into their main post. A great example of this style of collaboration would be Tamyka Bell’s “The Cloud.”

If you submit your project description as a draft, please let us know if you have any special requests about when we publish it. For example, if you’d like to start your project on Christmas Day, append something like this to your title: [TK please publish Christmas Day].

Once you post your collaboration, it’s your baby! Raise it according to your own methods. The other editors will see submitted drafts, but it’s your responsibility to manage all that stuff as you see fit.

Questions? Suggestions?

We’re still building Chalkboard, and it’s not meant to be a super serious publication anyway, so let us know what you think needs clarification or changing. Drop a comment below or check out the About section!

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