Image by Schattenwolf (CC0, Pixabay)

Hummingbirds and the ever-present glow

after Classical Sass

Welcome to the world, delightful child. You are a gift
bestowed upon a barren land; may fragile peace persist
for you. These are the things I wish for you — a list:
may love exist to be the bridge that spans the rift
from man to man to woman and back again. I wish you
wealth and wisdom and unwavering kindness, gifts 
of the greatest gravity. With this in mind, I wish you
also joy and inspiration; boundless rhyming words
that linger; sweet meringues and tart fruit curds
topped with the finest creams from roaming cattle herds;
and, should you choose it, a ring that girds
your finger, binding you to whom you’ve loved and missed;
and last (but never least) I wish you hummingbirds
and the ever-present glow of our stars.

This EnTITLEd to Inspiration poem is part of a series on Chalkboard. I took my title from a line in this piece:

Thanks also to Jack Preston King who drew attention to this line in his response to the original post by Classical Sass.

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