Image by Free-Photos (Pixabay), CC0


a tetractys trail by Tamyka Bell, Terijo, Violet James, Ashwini
[and others to come]

heart racing
wide eyes searching
did you hear something move in the shadows?

A trick of the light perhaps, a spirit 
moving along
in darkness

My head
Recite a
Hallowed prayer
You are the dream awakened within me

Glowing eyes lurking behind the bushes
watching, sprints to
darkness, leaves

light bends
reveals wrath
meant to collapse, 
upon dreamers in curious pursuit.

Dreams! dreams! is this all in my head? but then
it feels so real!
Try to wake
up. Wake

[your stanza here!]

What happens next? Are we the hunters, or the hunted? Or was it all in our minds, a case of overactive imaginations?

The next stanza will be in tetractys form, with syllable counts [1–2–3–4–10]. We’ve got all our writers lined up for this poem, but if you want to participate, we have more trails starting soon. Read the instructions and sign up in the linked Google Form. (Don’t submit your stanza as a response to this post!)

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