Photo by Skeeze (Pixabay)

Indigo nostalgia

after Crooked Little Flower

Find me dreaming in echoes*,
indigo nostalgia, imprints of
rivers of fire and sparking rain, a
eutrophic, suicidal dragon

recall the holy days when we’d f#%k
again, again, again, until your
germ conjoined with mine in a lucid
ecstasy that shattered all our dreams

be who you must be most vitally;
understand our ways, both old and new;
remember, evolutionary
necessity overrules the dream.

This acrostic golden shovel is part of Keep Digging Deeper: a tributary web on Chalkboard. I worked from a few lines in this poem:

I also changed the spelling of ‘echos’ to my preferred ‘echoes’. Sorry—I’m Aussie.

Flow on…

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