in response to a one line poem prompt

Never one to come knocking
inspiration is elusive and 
fleeting, discovered in
places unexpected.

floats in the warmth of space 
between us on a ten hour drive 
after the food has been eaten the 
talking has ended and we’ve said all 
there is to say we will sit for hours 
the only sound that of rain on the 
car roof as we pause to take 
comfort in rare moments of 
assured silence where no 
words are required.

Thanks Kathy Jacobs, this was a fun one.

In 2006 Allan Rae left a career as a flight paramedic to obtain his MFA in creative nonfiction. Today he is a qualitative public health researcher exploring the intersections of HIV, PTSD, and stigma, through personal and community narrative. Allan is also the editorial lead for creative nonfiction at daCunha. Starbucks, satire, and dogs do not displease him.