Julianna Miller

Inspiration: Julianna Miller

Vulnerable and Strong as Fuk!

You did the right thing. You survived.

I did the right thing. I survived.

I read once “if you have been raped and you are reading this, you are here, you did the right thing, you survived”.

We survived Julianna Miller !

And you are enough.

Your words. Your story. I’m grateful you shared. I’m grateful you survived. I’m grateful you are a voice. I’m grateful you rose above those comments that I want more then anything to take those words back for you. They sting me to the core for you as much as the physical pain you endured.

The gift that your inner healer gave you, your goddess, your source, that you knew it was happening to your body — Im so glad you had this and shared it. I kept saying that it was violence not sex. And is was an act of violence. Not sex. An oh now how I have healed and can enjoy being treated with respect and to be an independent woman. I had to learn to walk alone at night and feel safe. I had to learn to trust a man who spoke another language. Clearly, you have learned. Clearly you have loved. Loved yourself!

Loved yourself enough to rise past all of that.

That’s pretty fucking cool. Showing vulnerability is the deepest form of strength.


Inspired from the path you have walked and are walking. I look forward to following you are you unveil more with your words! Keep stepping! You are exactly where you are supposed to be. You are light and you are love.

Hugging you and holding space for you.

Thank you for your inspiration Julianna.

Kathy Jacobs

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