Inspiration: my medium-ers


That efening, thousand miles away from madison square at the feet of Mt. Ernio, a bell rang in alto: uno, due, tre.

The sun’s heath has long gone down his knees to worship the curves of another paradise on earth.

A kath perked an ear to listen to that clear piercing notes, that drew a sound from her bossom— ‘mayowa’; a gentle prompt to fellow sentients.

The fierce king stretched in his sleep, the monkey shook himself dry, the knight reached for his sword, ann the goddess we hailed as Aphrodite roused from composing her love snippets to gaze upon her protégés and follow the mighty bell that shook her heavens.

Like lyrics of a forgotten carol they listened to the rising knowledge: megvirrad meg valaha; “dawn will come in the end”.

As if it never happened, they closed their eyes and continued their slumber.

But inside, inside the crevices of their dreams and even their nightmares, the hope of a lighter dawn begins and blooms ever akhter.

Typos and non-typos that partially or wholly match are callouts to fellow medium-ers.
If the name play’s offended you please leave a private note and I’ll remove it. All made with the best intentions.

Also if I couldn’t fit your name in the story, I’m so sorry. But believe me everyone rocks and I adore you!

Part of the inspiration celebrations prompt, thank you Kathy Jacobs and Fierce Force 💃🏼