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Keep Digging Deeper

the complete works

This post marks the end of Keep Digging Deeper, our first acrostic golden shovel project. We’ve reached the bottom-right corner; now it’s time to wipe the Chalkboard clean and start over again.

I made no secret of my love for acrostic golden shovels, and I expected to find each poem in this project riveting. I was right. But I hadn’t anticipated the depth to which a poem’s essence could infiltrate the thread—a word here or there appearing in a poem after a poem after a poem.

I can draw no other logical conclusion: it’s magic, pure and simple.

While I’m sad to close this project, I’m excited about our latest projects (and a few ideas for the next round, too) and I know my work here is done: you’ve all paid tribute to the poems and poets that inspired you as you practised and perfected a new poetry form.

I hope you’ll continue to play with acrostic golden shovels in future, and think of Chalkboard each time you do. ~T

Without further ado…

It is with great pleasure that Chalkboard presents this complete list of the thirty-six poems submitted between 19 December 2016 and 19 January 2017 as part of our acrostic golden shovel project, Keep Digging Deeper.

Diagram by Michael Stalcup via Sketchboard

Poems marked with an asterisk (*) have since been removed from Medium by their creators. We’ve kept the links in place in case they ever come back and, where possible, have listed their new locations at the bottom of the page.

We’re sorry that this breaks the chain of acrostic golden shovels, but there’s nothing we can do about this. We hope that our other poets won’t withdraw their work without notice.

By author

C. Duhnne: The One That Won’t Stay (Away), This, Here, Now
Crooked Little Flower: Her Feet Running Slowly Under*, Soluble echos of a dragon*
David Kochendorfer: Unrequited
Dewi: His pieces 
Heath Houston: All Dreams Must End?, Mutual Surrender, Unicorns, You and I 
Jack Preston King: Answer: This Love, Eternal 
Jackie Ann: Embodied, Presence 
Kathy Jacobs: Take My Soul, Bold Friend 
Kim Smyth: Heaven’s Star 
Lisa Williams: Insanity, Life’s Irony 
marika bianca: Bare, joined, remember 
Nancy E. Pitts: Letting Go 
Noha Medhat: Beautiful Turmoil 
Rachel B. Baxter: Home 
Roen Naska: Italy
Tamyka Bell: Enigma, Indigo nostalgia, Later, Music, Questions, Revelation, Timeless, Transient 
TeriJo: Craving Your Taste, Fate Demands I Surrender, Nirvana Has Me Yaasky: Mango, Razzmatazz

By title

All Dreams Must End? (Heath Houston) 
Answer: This Love, Eternal (Jack Preston King) 
Beautiful Turmoil (Noha Medhat) 
Bare (marika bianca)
Craving Your Taste (TeriJo) 
Embodied (Jackie Ann) 
Enigma (Tamyka Bell)
Fate Demands I Surrender (TeriJo) 
Heaven’s Star (Kim Smyth)
Her Feet Running Slowly Under* (Crooked Little Flower)
His Pieces (Dewi) 
Home (Rachel B. Baxter) 
Indigo nostalgia (Tamyka Bell)
Insanity, Life’s Irony (Lisa Williams) 
Italy (Roen Naska)
joined (marika bianca)
Later (Tamyka Bell) 
Letting Go (Nancy E. Pitts) 
Mango (Yaasky)
Music (Tamyka Bell)
Mutual Surrender (Heath Houston) 
Nirvana Has Me (TeriJo) 
Presence (Jackie Ann)
Questions (Tamyka Bell) 
Razzmatazz (Yaasky)
remember (marika bianca) 
Revelation (Tamyka Bell) 
Soluble echos of a dragon* (Crooked Little Flower)
Take My Soul, Bold Friend (Kathy Jacobs) 
The One That Won’t Stay (Away) (C. Duhnne)
This, Here, Now (C. Duhnne)
Timeless (Tamyka Bell)
Transient (Tamyka Bell) 
Unicorns (Heath Houston)
Unrequited (David Kochendorfer)
You and I (Heath Houston)

By path

Embodied (Jackie Ann)—Enigma (Tamyka Bell)

Later (Tamyka Bell) — His Pieces (Dewi) — Bare (marika bianca)

Later (Tamyka Bell) — His Pieces (Dewi)—Transient (Tamyka Bell)

Later (Tamyka Bell) — Her Feet Running Slowly Under* (Crooked Little Flower) — The One That Won’t Stay (Away) (C. Duhnne)—Insanity, Life’s Irony (Lisa Williams)

Later (Tamyka Bell) — Her Feet Running Slowly Under* (Crooked Little Flower) — The One That Won’t Stay (Away) (C. Duhnne)—joined (marika bianca)—Unicorns (Heath Houston)

Later (Tamyka Bell) — Her Feet Running Slowly Under* (Crooked Little Flower) — The One That Won’t Stay (Away) (C. Duhnne) — Unrequited (David Kochendorfer)

Music (Tamyka Bell) — All Dreams Must End? (Heath Houston) — Beautiful Turmoil (Noha Medhat)—Home (Rachel B. Baxter)

Music (Tamyka Bell) — All Dreams Must End? (Heath Houston) — Fate Demands I Surrender (TeriJo) — Mutual Surrender (Heath Houston) — Craving Your Taste (TeriJo)

Music (Tamyka Bell) — All Dreams Must End? (Heath Houston) — Nirvana Has Me (TeriJo)—Soluble echos of a dragon* (Crooked Little Flower)—Indigo nostalgia (Tamyka Bell)

Music (Tamyka Bell) — All Dreams Must End? (Heath Houston) — remember (marika bianca) — Letting Go (Nancy E. Pitts)

Music (Tamyka Bell) — All Dreams Must End? (Heath Houston) — remember (marika bianca) — You and I (Heath Houston)

Music (Tamyka Bell) — All Dreams Must End? (Heath Houston) — Revelation (Tamyka Bell)

Music (Tamyka Bell) — All Dreams Must End? (Heath Houston) — Take My Soul, Bold Friend (Kathy Jacobs)

Music (Tamyka Bell)—Heaven’s Star (Kim Smyth)

Questions (Tamyka Bell)—Answer: This Love, Eternal (Jack Preston King)—This, Here, Now (C. Duhnne)—Timeless (Tamyka Bell)—Presence (Jackie Ann)—Mango (Yaasky)—Italy (Roen Naska)

Questions (Tamyka Bell) — Answer: This Love, Eternal (Jack Preston King) — This, Here, Now (C. Duhnne) — Timeless (Tamyka Bell) — Razzmatazz (Yaasky)

Poems now appearing elsewhere

Connie Karleta Sales has republished her poem from Keep Digging Deeper on her website:

Her other poem is available through Google’s caching service:

(If I’ve left you out, please let me know so I can fix this post!)

Thanks again, readers and contributors, for supporting Keep Digging Deeper.