from an hopeful Chapbook-to-be, ‘Raining Sun’!

Mangifera indica


not the orchard by my house

In Indian culture mango’s termed the king of fruits.
I’ve no idea of the West, but if they taste probably the same there

as they do here, then I wonder if Trump will still
allege it as alternate news. Though I read

Indira once ranting how they taste as flavored cardboard
in some part of the Kingdoms where she bought them,

so I’m pretty sure Westerns are ignorant of this aphrodisiac.
I tried to give them a taste, be it a pic clicked from my rooftop

boasting of a mangifera orchard, lying as if rising,
as my house is quite on the non elevated side

but I failed: there’s way too much entangled
Electricity cables, going from everywhere to everywhere

in the way: they mar the perspective. Though I tried my all,
from all the angles, fallen, stood high and in the between

but the tress are just not photogenic. Ummhmmm,
not a bit. So I had no other option but to steal

and credit it, as taken whence on the internet.

in response to Shirley’s beautiful nature (trees) prompt. It was like a shade of relaxation to the eyes itself.

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