Need But so Much to Dream

Inspired by Terijo’s One-Line “Need” Prompt

Pinterest / Derek Gores

I want so much some sweet chocolate, honey; Respite, cool nights, breathing; Sunsets in Tahiti, someone who knows me and still loves me, fingers fluttering down my spine, sleeping in fields, dreaming effortlessly; Breathing, I dream of police who dream of being part of a community, of children who play fearlessly in the street, of people being people rather than categories; Of Monet, Manet, and Romare, of pipes like Billie and Pink, writing like walkerjo lee; Of jellyfish floating in the breeze, of purple trees; I dream of who I could have been and who I could still be; I dream of breathing air that is. Truly. Free.

Thank you, Kathy Jacobs

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