Ocean of Joy

a collaborative poem of one liners

Image by Casey Gallivan, used with permission

Twins tipping toes in the ocean, racing to find how it feels (Kathy Jacobs)
where the lines could take me… we… us…(
C. Duhnne)
Don’t go too far, wait for me called their mother (
The first child stalled, waited. The second waded out (
Tamyka Bell
…salt memories crystallized into open baskets, clung to heels…went home.(
Mary Holden )
Went home…with sloshing pails of ocean foam (
Crystal Lady)
memory sloshes: mother, sister, sand, salt (
the alleged kat)
sun on skin, and kisses in the sea spray (
Tamyka Bell)
tanned beach’s my home, my twin this frothing music (