Photo by Ashwini

When I was returning home from work, I saw a cat peeping. The cat was very seriously looking at something, not aware of me standing next to it. Maybe was watching and following it. I couldn’t help, but capture this moment with my mobile camera. A cat observes and pursues it, when something moves and catches its attention.

Kids are curious and eager to learn many new things. With age, this habit slowly dies. There is no age limit to learn new things. When we start a new course, after the end of the talk, the instructor encourages to ask questions. We are told — Don’t be shy. Ask questions. Once, a University Professor who delivered a talk in our college told us that, he was more afraid of the nursery school children than his Ph.D. students. He said kids are less scared of their teachers and ask more questions. A toddler learns to walk, holding a support. Takes one step at a time. We are instructed to proceed with baby steps. We cannot succeed overnight. The progress is with time. When you hit rock bottom, giving up seems the only choice.

Inquisitive mind
springs thirst for facts, tangled path
dissuades pursuing

One who is curious — asks more questions. Looks for answers. When we need to achieve a goal, we try again and again without giving up. This means practice would make us better.