One-Line Poetry Prompt — — October 30,2019

Kim Smyth
Kim Smyth
Oct 30 · 1 min read
TE Trebbian for Unsplash

What lurks behind the mask

What horrors fill the night

Looking to possess me

Yet I’ll not be fraught with fright

Your Turn

THEME: Possession

Share your own one-line poem on the theme as a response to this post, or write a stand-alone piece if you prefer. Tag your piece “One Line”. If you have a stand-alone poem, be sure to leave a link in the response section below.
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Thanks to Kathy Jacobs

Kim Smyth

Written by

Kim Smyth

Alternative health freelance writer/blogger, editor-creator of Alternative Lifestyle blog and Words on a Page at https://kimmy1563.com. I get creative also.


The home of asynchronous collaboration. Write with us!

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