A one-line poem prompt

Photo from Caesar Chavez Park in Oakland CA. Taken by Kathy Jacobs
Whenever the world becomes a dark and scary place,
I find peace, light, and understanding in the pages of my favorite books

Please leave me your one-line poem on the word “read”.

You can do it as a response to this post or give it a home of its own and leave an embed in a comment below so we can all find it.

alto, Ali Aoun, Alise Leslie, Amy Echstenkamper, Anna Now, Anto Rinish, Aphrodite Samadhi, Ayesha Talib Wissanji, BHD, Betta Tryptophan, Bryce Reynolds, Carolyn Dagenais, Chany N. Steward, Chris Hackett, Colette, Crooked Little Flower, Crystal Lady, Danish Z, Dennis Hatfield, Dennett, Dewi, Don Dennis, Eric Jennings, Evelyn Marie, Garnet, Heath Houston, Jack Herlocker, j.s.lamb, Jackie Ann, Jason Stelzner, John Wryter, Judy Ann Giorchino, JusTee, Kaj Schougaard, Karl Milfburn, Kathy Jacobs, Kerry Kuhn, Kim Ferrer, Kim Smyth, Mairead O Donoghue, marika bianca, Mavis Chuma, Meg Barclay, Michael Adewunmi, Michael Ramsburg, Nancy E. Pitts, Nugra Gente, Onimisi Onipe, Orisirisi, Osasu Elaiho, Parijat Bhattacharjee, Rachel B. Baxter, Randomly Me, Ré Harris, Rebecca Dennett Gravely, Richard Palmquist, rinigitanusajagadhita, Rizky Luthfianto, Rocket Worley, Samantha Star, Sherry Caris, Sherry Kappel, simpleman, Stephen C. Rose, Stuart James, Susan Christiana, Susan Ranscht, Tamyka Bell, TeriJo, Tien Skye, Thomas Fortenberry, Vinod Shenoy, walkerjojones, Wendy Diamond, Wild Flower, Willow T. Lovelace

*Full disclosure: I copy-pasted this list because I too can’t remember the whole thing. If I’ve forgotten anyone (or if you want to be added), let me know! Even better, become a reader of Chalkboard!

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