Readings update 2: 20 June

New poems released and awaiting readers!

Hi everyone!

“…human speech combining with written words can transform meaning and understanding.”
~ Glynn Young, “Poetry at Work”, p. 88

I’ve just released four new poems as part of the Readings project:

If you want to submit a recording of one (or more) of these poems, or respond with some other creative work, please let me know by responding below. You’ll find all the instructions on how to participate in our original post for the project. Please follow them closely, as it makes life much easier for all our project participants.

Kathy Jacobs, Yaasky, Kathleen Clarke Anderson, and Dewi will all get busy recording their own versions, too, so the poet and reader contributions will be ready for publishing at the same time.

Work in progress

Last time I updated you, I’d just published the poems to be read out loud by Zev, Elizabeth Helmich, and Bossyhead. We still have an opportunity for one more reader to submit a recording of Elizabeth’s ghazal and Zev’s free verse, both of which are captivating, so let me know if you are interested:

Coming soon

We’ve still got poems from Michael Stalcup, Indira Reddy, C. Duhnne, and the alleged kat to come out in the third round. These exceedingly patient writers will soon be submitting their draft (or published) poems to Chalkboard (if they haven’t already) to be published as a call for readers. Keep watching this space!

And we’re still accepting submissions of poems to be read out loud. Find out more:

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