Readings update 3: 22 June

It’s time to listen up!

I know I only wrote you a few days ago, but I have some super exciting news to share.

“It’s tempting to think I understand a poem when I read it silently, but when I read it aloud, my understanding can change…”
~ Glynn Young, “Poetry at Work”, p. 88

Our first three sets of recordings are now available:

Please check them out and let us know what you think. Elizabeth Helmich, Bossyhead and Zev will now consider the others’ readings and use what they learn to reconsider their poems. They’ll then record the poem again, and we’ll all find out if it’s any different this time around. If we’re lucky, they’ll also share their thoughts about the project.

Call for readers

The poems above are now closed for response submissions, but we are still calling for readers for the following poems:

If you want to submit a recording, please let me know below, and follow the instructions carefully. If you have questions about the process, please ask them publicly as a response to the instructions, so everyone can benefit from the answer.

Until next time…

Photo by Matthew Henry (Pexels/Burst)
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