a one line poem prompt

Pressing the scarf and its various blues to his face, the silk feels soothingly cool, though he is barely able to recognize the fading scent of her L’Air du Temps.

Your Turn

Please share your own one-line poem on the word “silk”. Either as a response to this post, or if you prefer to write it as a stand alone piece, just make sure to leave a link to it in the response section below.

While the call outs below were copied then pasted from other one line poem prompts, plus a few of my own additions, responding with your own poem is open to everyone. All who would like to participate are more than welcome.

arnold.davydov, Ali Aoun, Alise Leslie, Alexainie, Amy Echstenkamper, Anna Now, Anto Rinish, Aphrodite Samadhi, Ayesha Talib Wissanji, BHD, Betta Tryptophan, Bryce Reynolds, Carolyn Dagenais, Catharsis ,Chany N. Steward, Anna Herrington, Anna Hundert, Todd Hannula 🤓, Veronica Montes, Lisa Renee, Grey Drane 🌀, Ezinne Ukoha, Colette Clarke Torres, Jules, Jewels, Sean Howard, David Montgomery, Gloria DiFulvio, Hana Leshner, H. Nemesis Nyx, miranda deely, Lucy B, George, Mirah Curzer, Chris Hackett, CK Sales, Colette, Crooked Little Flower, Crystal Lady, Danish Z, Dennis Hatfield, Dennett, Dewi, Don Dennis, Emily Roberts, Eric Jennings, Evelyn Marie, Garnet, Heath Houston, Indira Reddy, Jack Herlocker, j.s.lamb, JB, Jackie Ann, Jason Stelzner, John Wryter, Judy Ann Giorchino, JusTee, Kaj Schougaard, Karl Milfburn, Kerry Kuhn, Kim Ferrer, Kim Smyth, Lexi Riley, LittleHouse, Mairead O Donoghue, marika bianca, Mavis Chuma, Meg Barclay, Michael Adewunmi, Michael Ramsburg, Nancy E. Pitts, Nugra Gente, Onimisi Onipe, Orisirisi, Osasu Elaiho, Parijat Bhattacharjee, Paul Brookes, pixie, Rachel B. Baxter, Ré Harris, Rebecca Dennett Gravely, Richard Palmquist, rinigitanusajagadhita, Rizky Luthfianto, Rocket Worley, Samantha Star, Shahzeb Akhter, Shweta, Sherry Caris, Sherry Kappel, simpleman, Stephen C. Rose, Stuart James, Susan Christiana, Susan Ranscht, Tamyka Bell, TeriJo, Tien Skye, Thomas Fortenberry, Thomas R. Barton, JD, Vinod Shenoy, walkerjojones, Wendy Diamond, Wild Flower, Willow T. Lovelace

In 2006 Allan Rae left a career as a flight paramedic to obtain his MFA in creative nonfiction. Today he is a qualitative public health researcher exploring the intersections of HIV, PTSD, and stigma, through the use of personal and community narrative. Allan is also the editorial director of C(G) and team lead for creative nonfiction at daCunha.