Since God Died

After Mike Essing

Did you hear God died, cracked his neck after falling off his judgment. Sure-fire! Never tell ye he’s alive, but enlighten us when he died. Barely acquainted with the man. Never really liked him, honestly, he who judges on first impressions. We might start seeing the real side people, now that God has died.

Bit anti climactic, for a man of his dramatics. The grass is still green, the sky has not fallen. Just tear soaked faces and a the verses of some inspired poets. The sorry souls lament, but I have been fine, since God died.

He put a few lads on the unemployment line, it running for about a mile. I have no ill will for bird men, but we have enough trouble, without them adding to our blues. Besides, they’ve fed off the grapevine, welcome to real life, I say, now God has died.

The bitter is off tape, I’ll be off,

God bless.

For what it’s worth.

This EnTITLEd to Inspiration poem is part of a series on Chalkboard. I took my title from a line in this piece: