a collaborative poem of one liners

Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash

Shoot me on strawberries over the sun (Michael Stalcup)
While I sip the heady champagne of mountain air (
Indira Reddy)
Where the lines could take me… we… us… (
C. Duhnne)
We’ll be drunk on nature’s glory, and each other (
Oblivious of the passing wind, we pass upon a life, (
Vaghawan Ojha)
Celebrate the moment of ecstasy, beside iridescent clouds (
Where we shall find peace and allowed to just be (
Just be and live what joy has been bestowed for me and thee (
Vaghawan Ojha)
And as we rise up, we look out over (
Tamyka Bell)
The majesty of shared seasons and the glory of love (
Crystal Lady)
Where autumn never dies and petals never wilt (
Vaghawan Ojha)
Where double rainbow magic brings eternity (
Nancy E. Pitts)