Chalkboard’s Collaboration: Out of Site! Out of Mind! Inspired by Noha Medhat’s One Line Prompt “Chains”

Image Source: Taylor Barnes used with permission.
living in a bubble….
but not the protective bubble to keep away the big bad world from me
chained to my desk
my bosses keep me encased in the big bad world
no freedom
not allowing me to simply be
I will adjust my sails
take the steering wheel and-
I will break free…
for these chains and shackles are killing me

I thought a lot of about chains and the idea of being “chained to a desk” when Chalkboard’s One Line prompt “Chains” came out. Ironically my business partner/Amiga texted me that same day — venting about the idea of being chained to work. I could not believe her timing! I always say things happen for a reason, and we see and hear messages when we are supposed to. I heard the call and she must have too even though she is not on Medium. I have been writing lately about how much alignment I feel in the universe right now. Upon seeing her words I let her know about the week’s Chalkboard prompt. I tweaked her words and I put my spin on her text and presented her with a new vision and new version of her words. To me, this piece makes a depressing concept more poetic and inspiring, and by organically collaborating and submitting it to Chalkboard makes us feel more poetic and inspired!