An Acrostic Hat Trick

for Kathy Jacobs’ one liner prompt in Chalkboard

“Supper is just a meal”, she said when you weren’t looking:

“Ugly buggers, the neighbours”, she’d holler so they’d hear it before

Pressing down the false lawn to confuse the local cats; thinking it might

Eke the daylights and she could watch fur rise . . . then she’d dance to Jim

Reeves in the dark, airing her cupboards in her room to shivers of silvermoth

Perpetually hankering after old Viking comics she said had been stolen from

Old Hank’s dank boxes in the attic and she swore to get her revenge between

Whiskey gulps and reading palms: “That’s some cracked up life you’re to have,

Escaping yourself down some wild crannies, only to find yourself gathered up by

Rain that won’t care who you are, only how you bloom.”