The Wall

(a poem to be read out loud)

Standing before the man
in odd number sides
a single seamless wall.
It watched. He stirred no air
just rhymes of rise and fall.
Awake — they faced.

The wall like so many, changed
a woman with the man’s nose
her time ticks ever slower
an arm reaching out. 
He knew what it would find
rather, not find.

The man gave his answer thus —

The wall was determined
a youthful boy at youth’s best 
smiled knowingly, his lips 
formed the man’s name
in his eyes, a secret 
some would die to relive.

The man gave his answer thus —

The wall impatient, showed
vacant sightless sockets
oozing punctures in discoloured skins
They accused. Remember us?
Only a torn flag animated the scene.

The man gave his answer thus —

The corpses twisted into one
Now twinned the man
faced his cloned flesh
unflinching. In a moment’s gaze
eyes met and a million questions raised.

But always the man gave his answer thus —

The wall untwisted into
its blank uncoloured gaze
So, it waited —

Then in resign
there was no more
only the man falling 
in freedom.

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