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Walking the Tightrope

In response to Kathy Jacobs emotional prompt.

I’ve lost another friend, I’m a hot mess

Balancing on the edge, life’s shaky precipice

Finally able to cry, sweet release

Praying comfort for those involved

The promise of eternal peace.

Thanks as always to Harper and Kathy and the whole Chalkboard team!

In the last two months, there have been more losses than I can take. Whether to COVID-19 or not, these people were my friends, now they are gone. I am so devastated. First, there was my friend Kathy who died of a sudden brain aneurysm, then there was my husbands’ coworker’s secretary who passed from the virus, then my classmate Buddy Carter, after which was my former boss’s husband, Chris. Today, my acquaintance Nuboko, passed away in Las Vegas after moving there to be close to her son. There was more in between who I may have known briefly or barely knew at all yet touched me in some way. It’s all just too much. I cannot stop crying now. God have mercy on all of their souls.



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