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This is an open community writing channel for, as Tamyka Bell endearingly called it, “asynchronous collaboration.” That is, any form of writing that calls for working with multiple people. Sometimes, this means we will be passing pieces of writing back and forth with each other, and sometimes it means there will be a prompt that everyone can respond to. Chalkboard hopes to continue to foster the community spirit of creative writing on Medium.

There aren’t many rules here. Mostly that if you commit to something, you participate to the best of your ability (and we encourage participation at any skill level!) and that, if you cannot participate for various reasons, let an editor know and we’ll make a note of that temporarily for any collaborative writing that’s going on!

But since this is all just for fun, and we are both the players and the rulemakers of this little publication, there’s not a lot to hold us back from just enjoying ourselves!

Oh, and obviously, hate speech and other nonconstructive writings are not permitted here. If the editors deem anything that we see as hate speech, spam, or the like, we will not publish it.

How Does This Work?

When somebody posts a new collaboration, that original thread will be made a featured story on our publication’s homepage. In that post, Host will give a unique tag (i.e. “the cloud renga” or “flash fiction challenge”) that everybody who responds to the project will use. Those tags are then used to organize contributions to the publication. Because each tag will be unique, each collaboration will stay in its own tab. How neat is that?

When you submit a response, do two things: tag the Host/Editor, and include the unique tag in your piece’s tags.

Roles on Chalkboard

  • Hosts are the people leading the collaboration! Often, it will be an editor, but it doesn’t have to be. Depending on the collaboration, the Host may also consolidate every submission into the original post or make a final round-up post. If you want to start a new collaboration, let an editor know and we can set up the proper feature/tag design!
  • Writers are whoever wants to participate in asynchronous collaboration! If you’re a writer, you can respond to prompts or hop in on a writing collaboration whenever you want!
  • Editors, with the ability to approve and edit drafts, act as moderators for every collaborative writing project. They double-check tags and maintain the publication as a whole.
  • Whether you just want to sit back and read your fellow writers’ work or dip your feet in and contribute some of your own stuff, you can always be a reader! Medium is all about sharing your work and finding people whose work you like, so give us a follow and enjoy the ride.

Why a Publication?

Many collaborative writing projects often require responses to specific posts, and things can easily get lost in Medium’s commenting system. With tags, it’s super easy to keep contributions to each writing project at the top level and easily accessible from the navigation bar. With featured stories, we can keep original posts at the front of the publication!

Want to Participate?

Leave a comment below! We’ll make you a writer!

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